Marti, 22 septembrie 2015, la Hotelul Ibis Gara de Nord din Bucuresti s-a desfasurat o Conferinta europeana organizata in cadrul proiectului:Pro Juvenes-Parteneriat transnational pentru o piata inclusiva a muncii pentru tineri, la care au participat in jur de 100 de persoane din tara si din strainatate. Tema conferintei a fost:Incluziunea sociala a tinerilor si cresterea capacitatii de insertie profesionala a acestora pe piata muncii.

Ultima ora

The European Union of Rechtspflegers, organization where the National Trade Union Federation THE JUSTICE from Romania is affiliated member with observatory status, in partnership with The National Trade Union Confederation MERIDIAN, has been set up between 14 – 16 of  March  2007 an international workshop: „ Quality and efficiency in the organization of the judicial system in States of the Council of Europe. The Contribution of rechtspflegers/court clerks.”

The main working documents was:

The workshop has been attended by  65 persons from Romania and other countries of the Council of Europe. Also during the time allocated,  the developments was under the mass-media eye which has presented  very well the aims of this european meeting.

Please see:

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