90 de ani de la evenimentele sangeroase de la Lupeni din data de 6 august 1929

Ultima ora

Meridian National Trade Union Confederation was constituted in 1994 by the unification of two federations: the Federation of the Copper Mining Trade Unions in Romania and the Federation of the Rubber Workers Trade Unions in Romania. Afterwards other trade union federations affiliated to Meridian National Trade Union Confederation, so that nowadays it is one of the trade union confederations representative at national level, fulfilling the representation criteria stipulated by the law.

MNTUC adopted a policy to solve in a friendly way all the conflicts but when the situation imposed the starting of work and social conflicts, Meridian was very firm, making use also of the law suits. For this reasons, MNTUC became attractive to many branch trade unions federations. Moreover, according to our Constitution, all the member organizations are implicated in the management process by using efficiently the entire capacity of their leaders.

Knowing the fact that many branches had periods of economical decline, Meridian adopted a policy to reduce the level of fees, though making possible the financial strengthening of its federations and territorial filials to cover the financial costs of their activities and the ones of their unions.

Even from the beginning, Meridian was present with its representatives at the proceedings of the annual Conferences of the ILO, to guarantee the application and the implementation of the provisions in the national legislation and in collective bargains.

After the adoption by ILO of the Recommendation concerning promotion of Cooperatives R193/2002 and after the modification of the Romanian unions law in the way to allow co-operator members to join unions, Meridian had sign two agreements with the Romanian co-operative movement.

Nowdays, Meridian has in its structure 29 branch federations and 42 county filials all over Romania including Bucharest.

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